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An Experience team located in the biggest APP & Cloud development city - Shanghai Create the APP with hardware integration

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product development

From an idea to functional samples.  From functional samples to tooling development.  We have over 16 years experience

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We are ISO13485 and BSCI certified factory.  Also the MFi/SIG/WPC member.  We have everything you need.

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We Are Skytech Creations Limited

Since 2003, from Design House to manufacturer
We are still growing

01. BSCI Certified

Our factory is certified by BSCI.

02. SIG member

We are SIG member and experience to apply BQB for Bluetooth products

03. WPC member

We are WPC member and experience to apply Qi Certificate for Wireless Charging prdoucts

05. ISO13485

Our Quality system is ISO13485 Class I medical grade

04. FDA Listed manufacturer

We are listing manufacturer of FDA

06. MFi Licensee

We are MFi Licensee that have Autherization for manufacturing after market APPLE accessories

Health Monitoring System

Health Monitoring System is designed to assist different institutions(care center, school.......)  saving users' real-time information to the cloud by using smart HR trackers, fall sensors, and gateways (WiFi or NB-IoT). Our system also provides a control platform to collect data and provide emergency help alert, so that the administrator could follow up at once. Our platform can be customized to meet the needs of the organization's needs to collect different information.

健康監控系統旨在通過使用智能HR跟踪器,跌倒傳感器和網關(WiFi或NB-IoT)來幫助不同的機構(護理中心,學校......)將用戶的實時信息保存到雲中 。 我們的系統還提供了一個控制平台來收集數據並提供緊急幫助警報,以便管理員可以立即跟進。 我們的平台可以進行定制,以滿足組織收集不同信息的需求。

Our efforts are focused on how products relate to environments, interfaces, look and feel, and function from a user perspective.