Skytech Creations

Mechanical Engineer

Job Description

The incumbents will join our Robotics team to take part in research and development of mobile robot & sensor enabling technologies for local industries.

Job Responsibility

1. Organising product development and management for various projects
2. Work closely in design work on product and component and coordinating with project team, and Engineering team
3. Assist in general and any ad-hoc tasks as required by the department
4. Assist in electronic assembly, soldering, circuit testing

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor Degree or above in mechanical design, manufacturing and mechatronics
2. Experience in robot-related fields, machine tools, automobiles or other similar heavy industry fields is advantageous
3. Familiar with various mechanical structure and transmission
4. Familiar with related manufacturing technology and assembly technology
5. Familiar with 2D and 3D mechanical design software, such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, ProE, etc.
6. Familiar with FEA software (such as ANSYS) and dynamics analysis software (such as ADAMS), will be preferred
7. Knowledge in automation system is advantageous 8. Knowledge in manufacturing process

Work location: Hong Kong, Mainland China


For those who are interested in this position, please send your Curriculum Vitae with expected salary, Cover letter (optional) by email to Please include your name, job position in your document and email title.