Skytech Creations Limited



Who we are

Skytech Creations Limited, established in 2003, based in Hong Kong Science Park. We devoted to provide the best products and services with total solution to our customers. Throughout the years, we have cooperated with numbers of organisations in different countries including companies in Israel and the US, the government of Singapore and so on. To keep improving ourselves, and ensure every products in the best quality, we gained a various amount of licences and qualifications, including SIG membership, ISO9001 and ISO13485. While we first gained our MFi 5.0 licence in 2012, which upgraded to MFi 6.2 licence in 2015. We are also a FDA manufacturer and member of WPC. Today, we are still growing, and we will retain our products and services to be the best possible. In 2021, we are expanding our speciality to Smart City, IoT solution and Robotic development. We would love you to join us and improve our community together.

Our culture

Our culture and methodology are the special ingredients that fuel our approach to innovation and design, combining human and technical factors to bring imagination to realisation, and as a result, enriching the experience. Our principle is to strive meticulously and conform perfectly to all qualifications needed and in a high standard, offering world-class service at the most competitive price.

Our product

To make our products and system more stable, flexible and fast, we used BLE, IoT technology to develop products and solutions. As we understand health and safety are becoming more important nowadays, we have developed a number of products and solution for monitoring purpose. For example, a smart tracker solution to track health and safety for elderly, construction workers and so on. Recently, we have upgraded our tracker to help enhancing students’ performance in physical education class, with an APP developed at the same time.
We also develop a diverse range of products including Bluetooth headset with heartbeat checking function, electronic sports mask, COVID-19 quarantine tracker, Gateway and so on.