Skytech Creations Limited




Jimmy Chung (CEO)

Skytech Creations is a company that always filled with joy, innovative ideas and passion and I am delighted to be the founder and president of this company.

2020 was an unforgettable year for everyone, with the hit of COVID-19 pandemic, people were forced to stay at home most of the time and may need to commit to quarantine, we all hope to return a ‘normal’ life that we can enjoy. Skytech is a company that always try to help and improve the society, thus we are constantly doing our best and developing new products and solutions to benefit everyone. Last year, we developed the quarantine tracker in order to help the Hong Kong government to monitor the whole quarantine procedure, making the policy to be more efficient, and protecting the society as a whole.

Moving into the year of 2021, we will keep improving and introducing innovative ideas to benefit our society. Technology is now experiencing a rapid pace of development with an increasing number of implementation in the society. We understand it is important to grow and we are pleased to announce our development in Smart City and Robot in 2021. We believe this is a great chance for us to establish a high-tech environment and enlighten our society . With the help of technology, we can make the society become more special and phenomenal.

It has been a terrific development for Skytech in these years and I cannot wait to guild the company to another year of success. Come and join us, let us look forward and build the future together.


Lawrence Lau (operation director)

Studied Business Administration in Hong Kong and developed a solid experience in electronic market throughout the years, and found himself extremely passionate in the industry and would like to contribute more to the society.

Before involving in the electronic market, Lawrence had spent his first few years in a French Bank, Societe Generale HK after graduation till 1992. He started his electronic market career by starting his own factory in Hui Zhou and manufactured the Deck mechanism until 1999. In the year of 2000, he included in the joint venture with BOE technology Group Co. Ltd in Beijing to produce the Digital camera project.
He was then back to Hong Kong in 2002 and became the Director and General Manager of Eagletron Technology Company Ltd, mainly manufacture web camera and baby monitor for worldwide companies, including Philips, Chicco, Tomy and Safety First.

In 2016, with the invitation of Skytech Creations Limited, Lawrence became the Operation Director to supervise the development of the company. With the expereience he got, he built a strong connection with customers and making Skytech to be one of the main competitors in the industry.

Philip Tan (project manager)

Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Over 20 years of excellent experience and understanding of products sourcing, product design, quality assurance and project management in the consumer electronics products, mobile accessories, computer peripheral, bicycle accessories, gifts and toys sectors.

Managing projects in Skytech Creations Limited since 2017. He has been the indispensable part for the company, managing new product development and quality assurance.