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  • robot

    maxbot Point-to-point delivery Robot

    Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) Robot
    Virtual wall and virtual track
    Multi-sensor fusion
    Autonomous recharging
    Cloud controller/ remote
    Point-to-point delivery
    Joystick control
    Slope climbing
    Agile obstacle avoiding

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  • Licensed Product

    SkyTag suitcase

    Connectivity:Bluetooth for proximity finding

    (Bluetooth IC)

    Buzzer : Built-in buzzer

    Battery : Button cell CR2032

    (Battery life -Up to 11 months)


    Accessibility:Apple’s Find My app

    System Requirements and Compatibility

    Apple ID

    The latest version of iOS®, iPadOS®, or macOS®

    The latest version of watchOS®.

    Environmental Requirements

    Operating ambient temperature: 0°to 40°C

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  • Other

    3D Immersive Cave

    Using VR and 3D technology, the most authentic virtual experience for you to enjoy. Imagine when virtual become reality

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  • IoT Platform

    F7 Watch

    A tracker not only for heart-rate calculating, but also measure your blood oxygen, blood pressure, your stress level. This is not a tracker only for your individual, but you can also check the data through the APP and also the backend control panel. You can use it in school, construction site and so on. Make your enquiry now!

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  • Licensed Product


    A handy device to locate your key, bags. Get one and track your gear anytime and anywhere.

    We understand some belongings like keys, wallet are small and can easily lost, this device can help you to detect locations of these items.

    Who is benefiting?
    All Apple users

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  • IoT Platform

    Care On Call System

    This is a system that enhance home safety for singleton elderly. We will install a fixed SOS bell in user’s home, together with portable SOS bell, bracelet tracker, Bluetooth beacon and temperature sensor. We aimed to let family members and related groups to take immediate action when an abnormal situation happening in the household.

    The system can also use in other areas including construction site where the tracker can prevent workers stepping into danger zone. It can also be used in hospitals and elderly home.

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  • IoT Platform

    ST-2102 OPC UWB Tracker

    This is our project cooperated with Hong Kong Ocean Park new event ‘”Explorer R” Experience Hub’. We have developed a particularly light weighted tracker comes with different colours, enhancing children comfortableness and attracting them to join the event by encouraging them to choose their favourite tracker. The UWB technology in the tracker provides precise location to organiser, preventing congestion and improving efficiency of the event.

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  • Other

    ST-2010 electronic mask

    An electronic mask that protect your health and improve your comfortableness at the same time. Available for different age group.

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  • Bluetooth Audio Acoustic

    QCC-3003 Bluetooth Earphone solutions

    Your cost efficient with high sound quality choice.

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  • Bluetooth Audio Acoustic

    QCC-3024 Bluetooth Earphone/Speaker solutions

    A super low power consumptions with high sound quality module.

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  • IoT Platform

    ST-2004 The Disposable Quarantine Tracker

    An anti-take off tracker which connected the government quarantine app, using smartphone GPS to identify user’s location.

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