Skytech Creations Limited



It is a total solution product using IoT technology connecting to our self-developed wrist tracker and APP, allowing schools and teachers to provide examination syllabus, result recording and analysing at the same time. Students are required to perform a certain level in order to ‘pass’ the exam. The APP is now compatible to several sports,  including jogging, football, basketball, ball throwing and long jump.


Recently, the PRC government aimed to build students’ health by announcing the strategy of enhancing primary schools’ physical education class. We understand health is one of the most important features of our lives, which we would like to use this project to echo with the government.

Who is benefiting?


a significant decrease in workload


tracking your child performance at anytime


improvement sports level, for development


health improvement

Project Current Progress

We are now starting our trial in ShenZhen GongMing Middle School.