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ST-1803 Wireless Neck Strap In-Ear Headphones with HRM

Our unique in-ear headphones using WBD101’s Heart Rate Technology, allowing you to check heart rate and listen to music with just a single product. The technology is compatible to most Heart Rate enabled fitness apps, stream and receive your heartbeat data anytime and anywhere.

Bluetooth version: V4.2
Chipset: QCC3003
Battery Capacity: 160mA
Standby Time: 7 hours
Music playing time: about 5 hours (without HRM function); 4 hours (with HRM functions)
Charging Time: about 1.5 hours
Distance: more than 10 metres (outdoor without blockage 360.)
Speaker: c 6mm
Speaker Sensitivity: 94+/-3dB
Microphone sensitivity: 42+/-3dB


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